adidas hat and leggings review


it’s definitely been a hot minute since i’ve posted on this blog buttttttt lets just ignore the fact that i kind of disappeared off of the face of the earth.

i haven’t splurged in a while so i decided to treat myself! i ordered the adidas three-stripe leggings and black cap for a total of $60 and they came rather quickly which i was very happy about. here are my thoughts ❤

three-stripe leggings $40


i can definitely see myself not wearing any other pants for the rest of my life. they are sooo worth the price! they fit me nicely and weren’t too thin or see-through as some of the reviews on the website said. the logo and three stripes are really great quality and make them so much more interesting than normal black leggings. if you don’t have a pair of these, stop whatever you’re doing and order a pair right now!


classic six panel cap black $20


literally the only hat you’ll ever need. it goes with everything i wear and i love it. it says one size fits all but it is a little bit big on me so i don’t recommend it if you have a small head. it does have an adjustment strap, though! and for twenty dollars, you can’t really go wrong.


thank you for reading lovelies and i’ll see you in my next post xx

6 thoughts on “adidas hat and leggings review

      1. No problem! Thank you so much 😊. I love working-out and stuff. I have finally been seeing results in my everyday life. ♥️
        You keep giving me new post ideas!
        I will get back to you on how it goes in the long-haul.


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