current skin care + collab with raf


todays post is a collab with the lovely raf from rafsthetically pleasing! her blog is full of beautiful, colourful pictures and amazing content. her post will be up sometime today so make sure to check it out and show it lotsa lurve.


i use this on my face, legs and arms and it makes my skin so smooth and nice-smelling.

cleanser 1cleanser 2

depending on what my skins doing, i’ll either use the biore baking soda pore cleanser or simple kind to skin foaming cleanser. the biore cleanser really cleans out your pores and gets rid of blackheads whilst the simple on is more gentle and everyday.

sukin toner

this spray is so refreshing and whilst the effect isn’t as significant as other products, it is definitely vital.


at the moment i’ve been using this moisturiser and it is sooo lovely. i 100% recommend!

rosewater spray

no other facial spray compares to the iconic mario badescu rosewater spray. my friend got it for me on my birthday and i’m in love.


these face masks are so affordable and help with any skin problem you can imagine. My personal favourite is the honey mask.

thank you for reading!

-m xx

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